31 julho 2005

Droláticos e pilheriáticos

EGYPTIAN LADY: I’ve been married for thirty-one years to the same man.
GROUCHO: If he’s been married for thirty-one years, he’s not the same man. How did you meet him?
EGYPTIAN LADY: I was on a subway in New York.
GROUCHO: I thought you said you came from Egypt.
EGYPTIAN LADY: I was visiting my sister in New York and we were talking on the subway and he was listening.
GROUCHO: He was eavesdropping?
EGYPTIAN LADY: Yes, I had a very broad accent at that time.
GROUCHO: You still do.
EGYPTIAN LADY: I used to say «bawthroom» and things like that.
GROUCHO: «Bawthroom», eh? No wonder he was intrigued. I guess he was wondering how you found a bawthroom on the subway. Say, why were you saying «bawthroom» to a strange man, anyway?
EGYPTIAN LADY: It wasn’t «bawthroom» that attracted him. It was my accent.
GROUCHO: Whenever you use your accent you say «bawthroom»?
EGYPTIAN LADY: No, no. When I got off, he got off and asked me, «Where are you from?»
GROUCHO: And you said, «The bawthroom».
EGYPTIAN LADY: No! He said he was fascinated. Back then, someone from Egypt was a rarity. Today there are millions of us.
GROUCHO: There’s too many of you to suit me.
EGYPTIAN LADY: So then he said, «May I walk you home?» I said, «Yes.» He was very gentlemanly.
GROUCHO: It wasn’t that. He was just looking for the bawthroom.

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De Antologia esquecida na mesa de cabeceira, fl. 77c-b.