17 julho 2005

10 ears of Amazon

We are here reunited to celebrate the 10th anniversari of Amazon.com (whom we parabenize). What would be of our lives without this slender amazonian dot company? So, we propose all you Stubborn guys, Groucho included, to go and read a nice peace of criticism about our great classic «Travels im My Homeland», by viscount Almeida Garrett. We thank Adinilson for simpathetically accepting to reproduce his essai:

No way!!...It's not just a travel in a homeland...,
January 31, 1997Reviewer: A reader
The less important thing in this book is the travel that the autor make through Portugal. There are a lot of intentional and strategic VAGANCIES in this book, that make it different of all romance's books in spite of it has all features of the Romantism like the Rosseau values: "Society corrupts men" and the passion for the NATURE. You will find in this great book: prose, poetry, phylosophy, romance, critics of the main literature of the world, nacionalism, and much more. It has the most interesting and polemic topics of human being: materialism x spiritualism, liberalism x absolutism, society x literature, etc. The original title is "Viagens na Minha Terra" . "Minha Terra" is Homeland in english, but just "Terra" is also EARTH in english. Then it's a travel around our planet, around our questions. There is in Brazil a slang about people those are allways in VAGANCY. We say: "He is travelling!!" I thing this slang came from "Travels in My Homeland" ...........I am Adinilson Martins.